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In the early 2000s I found my life's calling.  Sadly, that calling only pays about 40 grand a year unless you hit national syndication.  We didn't... but for a short time I was paid to play in a professional broadcast studio and share all the messed up shit that I find funny.  I wrote, produced, and voiced all the Trip N Tyme comedy bits.  I helped plan shows, book talent, and wrote daily monologues for the staff based on the current news.  I fed lines to our on air talent and edited live shows on the fly.   I spent years sleeping from 10 to 2....  that was AM and PM....  it was Awesome.   

We were "over the air" broadcast in Sarasota, FL & Las Vegas.  We were internet streaming from our own Real Server and Gimp Radio Network.  Some notable friends of the show were Omarosa with the Apprentice Update, Tristan Bimbaugh, Indian Ghost Trackers, Stripper Olympics, and Psychic Sandy Athey.

Our home town didn't support us. Local radio wouldn't work with us in spite of our sister company maintaining their websites. Our national syndicator was out of Chicago and turned out to be a huge scam artist. In the end we ran out of cash and the show closed.   Screw you Fort Wayne! 

 Trip N Tyme Staff 

Show Recaps (Sample) 

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FYI....  I have all the old shows on Data DVD.  Some one give me a good reason to break them out and upload them before they rot away in storage.