Trip - Host / Talking (Bald) Head

Born a fat bald man in 1913, Trip was one of the first test subjects for cryogenic freezing. After being thawed out in the early 80s, Trip insisted to be refrozen until all hair bands were removed from the air waves. The scientists refused and trip started his career in radio as a protest for the hair impaired. Working from inside the industry, Trip successfully killed the hair band fad in less than 6 years

and is solely responsible for rap rock and the careers of Fred Durst and Alt act, Moby.

Trip has personally fired Justin Tyme more than any other radio station employee, and has bested the rest of our staff by reaching beyond the continental barrier our others never seemed to breach when he was fired from a station in the Virgin Islands and reports that he is still struggling to understand why they are named that.

Justin Tyme - Co-Host / Talking (Fat) Head

Justin began his radio career at the age of thirteen after looking in the mirror and realizing that there was no way he’d ever get laid in high school.  Having a “face built for radio” Justin chose this medium so he could bribe hot girls with free stuff without being seen.  He was able to secure his first job in radio by calling a night guy at his local station and stalking him until the DJ gave in hired him. His radio career has lasted 13 years so far, and taken him to thirteen stations with his shortest stay being just three hours. 

With no more stations left that would hire him, like Anna Nicole Smith he sought out an old guy with money and started his own show.  Along with his heterosexual life partner Trip, they are set to bring morning radio to a new low. In his spare time Justin is a professional wrestler. Having been in the ring with the likes of D-Lo Brown, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Justin supplements his radio career by and also running the Global Wrestling Federation and the wayward home for retired guys in spandex.

Sean "Boomer" Bratton - Semi Pro Wrester / Sports Guy

After traveling the world skating in the roller derby, Sean has decided to settle in Fort Wayne for a few, hooking up with the infamous duo of Trip and Tyme. Sean first met both Trip and Tyme while all three were locked up in a Turkish prison…upon their escape, they vowed to do a radio show together, and finally that time had come. Before Sean decided to experiment with radio, he experimented with lots of stuff (no, not the stuff you are thinking!) In addition to Sean’s extensive time in the roller derby, he has also wrestled professionally around the world, in the ring with the likes of Mick Foley, Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, Halloween, Dick the Bruiser, Jr. and Dick the Bruiser, Jr., Jr. 

Sean’s radio career has also been extensive. He’s been fired from virtually every broadcasting market known to man. From Singapore to Baltimore, Sean has been there and well…been fired from there.  Perhaps this quote from Sean’s parents would sum him up best “Son, if you ran for President, we would vote for the other guy!

Mandy - News Chick

Although this is Mandy's first foray into radio, she has worked in media for quiet a while.  Starting out as a food taster on the Oprah show, her career has continuously bottomed out since she mistook a celery stick for a bar of green chocolate and inadvertently tricked her former boss into eating a vegetable.

Unlike the rest of our staff, Mandy actually has a formal education in this field.  She has 2 college degrees which she constantly reminds the rest of her co-workers.  Look for Mandy’s national tour of her one woman show coming soon to a gentleman’s club near you.


Joel Compton - Producer / Writer / We let him talk when people are sick

Joel comes to us straight out of college with a bachelors degree in "web stuff". Joel graduated St. Francis College at the tender age of 14 and has one of the highest IQs in the state of Indiana.  This is not as impressive as it sounds. Joel is a part time fitness model. You will recognize him from the "before" pictures by his 3rd nipple.

Joel's hobbies include converting the Klingon Dictionary into binary by hand and knitting boxing gloves for cat fights.  

Kurt Muttley - Intern / Masochist 

Kurt is the illegitimate son of the original Muttley, famous for his many appearances in the Hanna Barbarra cartoons of the 70's.  Kurt's famous father had a brief but heated affair with a hyena in the Cincinnati zoo during a public appearance. Kurt is an Olympic athlete on the Doggy Style US swim team in between scientific experimentation he allows to take place on him one of the worlds only talking dog/hyena hybrids. For spare change, he also has a part time job in Medical testing for large drug companies.