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Two members of the crew of the Mel Gibson tribute, Passion For Christ, have been struck by lightning.  We are thinking that maybe Son Of God would prefer his part be played by Johnny Depp?  

J.B.I. Winner: Justin w/ "wont tell Sean what school he goes to"


Justin got a new donation to his mic stand.  The pair of granny panties from Lauren could easily house a whole cub scout troop, but we question their weather resistant capabilities. Check them out as well as other stupidity in the Studio Shots gallery. The Battle For The Helmet continues between Mandy and Justin.  Check out their progress. Justin's newest addition brought up the subject. The Worlds Largest Underwear!!!  Size 98 - 100, available in briefs or panties!!! Click here to buy them!  Look for "Worlds Largest Underwear" about half way down left nav bar under Gag Gifts.

J.B.I. Winner: Mandy w/ "Their power is Gay Pride"


Annie Hoffman graced us with her presence to talk about her career as a sports and entertainment writer/broadcaster. Visit her site at http://www.anniehoffman.com to get more info about her and her truly impressive body of work.  Trip shared with us the great find, www.philanderers.com, where you can research how to cheat on your spouse and get away with it. Halloween is almost here so we added some pics of a few of our favorite costumes to the Phunny Sh*t section. 

J.B.I. Winner: Mandy w/ "Toxic Crotch"


Trip took the day off today due to illness.  Apparently he was sick of coming to work.....  Sean clearly stated in the 8:00 o'clock hour that he likes Dick! The cast went over the most powerful 100 in Hollywood.  Mandy made a list of her own. The top 5 guys she would sleep with if given the chance.  We are not sure why but she listed Justin Tyme as number 1. Mandy!!  You already have the job, quit kissing his ass!  Check his business cards damn it!  He is the vice president of "very important stuff", not the boss! 

J.B.I. Winner: Sean w/ "I like Dick, I Like Dick alot"


Sean took the day off to compete in a skating event in Canada, or as we call it....Canadian Gay Pride Day. 

Lauren called in to taunt Justin about their bet.  Lauren owned up to the fact that she would have welched on said bet had she lost. The staff read a list of stupid questions posed by government elected officials to travel agencies and airports which brought us to the conclusion that Mandy could indeed run for office. 

J.B.I. Winner: Trip w/ "Sean is bent over a chair somewhere"


Renee Rand called in today to talk about her toy store and her empire.  Visit her at www.partygals.biz to set up your own sex toy parties.  It's kinda like Avon or Tupperware ...except with dildos and lube.  Renee sent us a care package full of interesting stuff.  One of the items were boobs balloons which we used to have a contest.  Listen to the audio right here and check out the stills in our studio gallery.  The Cubs, once again, were a topic of conversation.  The staff is divided as to Steven Bartman's guilt and a fight has broken out in the producers booth as to whether Little Stevie was in the field or the stands when the infamous ball was caught. James from Chicago called in to voice his opinion on the infamous catch.  He stated that the guy sitting next to Steve has received death threats at his job and the mayor of Chicago has dropped hints about Steve hiding weapons of mass destruction in his home. 

J.B.I. Winner: Justin w/ "giving Sean Tonka Trucks on a string"


Even though Justin took the day off, The Cubs were still the main subject of today's show. The legend of the Billy Goat curse was brought to light as was the bet that was placed between Lauren and Justin.  Apparently, if the Cubs win, Lauren has to sleep with Justin.  If the Yankees win, then Justin must pay for Lauren's ticket home to visit relatives in New York. Lauren, we are all pulling for you (well Justin is pulling himself but that's no surprise to anyone).  Click here to follow the bouncing bear.

J.B.I. Winner: Sean w/ "what jewb would that be"


After a refreshing day off to celebrate Columbus accidentally shipwrecking on American soil and then raping, robbing, enslaving, and killing her indigenous people; the staff is back at the helm to once again corrupt the airwaves. 

Elaine and Lauren from Purdue visited us in the studio and was systematically hit on by everyone except Sean (even Mandy hit on them). Check out Lauren's Fran Drescher impersonation

J.B.I. Winner: Mandy w/"meals on wheels"